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The job search…


I decided that right now would be a good time to take a break from the job search. Who knew it would really be this hard and time consuming to find a job after such a big move. I know that Nashville is going to give me more opportunity that I had up in Iowa, but jeez!

I have applied to 36 jobs in the last week, and I think that might have a lot to do with the fact that I had to quit smoking before my oral surgery on Friday. I feel like if I am not doing something I will want to go have a smoke or kill someone because I can’t.

The up side of not smoking – no headaches, no sore throats, and no coughing.

The down side of not smoking – mood swings, exhaustion, and more consumption of chocolate that I have ever experienced before.

I have been chewing gum and applying for jobs all week just to keep my mouth and hands busy.

Back on track now – I know you guys really don’t want to hear my sob story of how i quit smoking so back to job search.

I have applied to so many kinds of jobs:

  • Nanny
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media/Content Manager
  • Marketing
  • Store Management in Retail

So many kinds of jobs, so many applications, yet the only ones I have heard from yet are two scams that I caught fairly quickly. So I have decided that if I don’t have a job by the January 1, 2014 I will be moving back to Iowa/Minnesota and looking for jobs in Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

So what do I do now? Well – I am working on some things for my uncle so I am still making some money, but honestly I don’t want to apply to anymore jobs for the next week 1) because of the surgery 2) because I don’t want to have to think about 100 different job applications.

I think I have reached my maximum amount of applications for this week – so I am going to sit around the house listening to country music and drinking lots of coffee. I am going to sit and sing loudly to the music as I write probably 1 billion blogs, but I know that  you guys will enjoy each one of them.

So here is where your feedback is important! I want to know what you think I should blog about while under prescription narcotics and bored out of my mind. Remember I will be recovering from surgery so keep it funny huh? If you give me some ideas I will make sure to showcase your blog in that post – so it will be funny and promotional! Perfect huh?

Toodles for now interwebz! Maybe I will see you in a bit or maybe it will be a couple days – who knows. These fingers are wanting to fly and my brain has a million ideas for blogs!


The Ugly Truth…

The ugly truth of being a college graduate, and what that really means.

Before I tell you this truth, I am going to give you a little refresher on my college history. I spent almost every single night of my college career working on homework and designs for class. I went above and beyond the assignments to guarantee I had a great portfolio and understood everything.

While in college everyone tells you that once you graduate you will find a perfect job immediately, and that everything you do is worth it. Well here is the truth. Most of the places I have applied do not accept my internships as experience. When they do it doesn’t give me enough experience to meet their requirements. So what do I do? I am qualified in every aspect to be a junior level graphic designer, except my experience doesn’t add up to their total desired amount.

So what did I do? I still applied for the job, and in my cover letters I clearly stated that I am aware that I do not have the experience they desire technically, but I have that amount of experience in all the extra curricular activities, projects, and internships I have been a part of. So hopefully they accept my application and I get a job soon, but let’s be honest here. I graduated in May, and I haven’t had a job for 4 months.

It is really frustrating to find a job, but this is the decision I have made. I am going to run my own business, and until it gets to a point where I can run it and count on it to make money I will find another job to make ends meet, build experience, and make connections. Once I get my business off the ground I will then be doing what I want to do, and I will be making the money I want to make. I like the idea of being my own boss and one day having others work for me. I will cater my employment to the college students who don’t have the “experience” for other companies, and help them build their portfolio so they can move on to “bigger and better things.” I know that owning a small business isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and nor will it make me rich or famous, but I love the idea of helping other small businesses and school get what they want to help them achieve their goals.

Anyway – that is my bit of information for those who are going to college for anything. Don’t think you are going to walk out and find a job right away, and if you do you better thank whatever you believe in because you are one lucky SOB.

Toodles intereweb – I will chat at you later.

P.S. I am getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday so I may do some blogs just to give the world something to chuckle at. When I get put on pain meds I become very philosophical, and sometimes my brilliant ideas really do sound good later!

New Adventures!


It sure has been a while since my last post, and I know that I am being rather inconsistent with my blog. However, I think it is time to give you guys an update on what is going on in my world of Graphic Design….

I recently made a move from Iowa to Tennessee to try and get a career in Graphic Design, Photography, Marketing, or Social Media. Really, as of right now I am working on redesigning my website and resume and providing a real url that isn’t hosted by Briar Cliff from when I was a student. For now, my old website is still up, but I will be having it taken down as soon as I get my new one up and going.

I have the logo for my website and the buttons for the menu bar done, but after trying to get my website going in Dreamweaver, I realized that I had forgotten the basics of starting a website. So for now, I am waiting for my father to mail me my Dreamweaver textbook and then I will get the website going. I remember everything about the design process, but the little tasks before you can build your website have escaped me.

I decided that I was going to go with a vintage lace theme for my website and resume meaning I will be using a lot of decorative dividers and fonts for the website while using a san serif font for the body text. I am very excited to get this new phase of my life going. The colors I have selected are going to be teal, pink, and purple. Teal being the color that is most used while pink and purple are accent colors. As for the body text it will be black or white depending on the background color I decide to use.

As for the adventures of my move, I am pretty much settled in and getting some job applications filled out, but I don’t want to send out too many of my old resumes until I get the new design down and my personal brand set up. I am very excited to see where this southern lifestyle will take me, but for now I am spending time with family, working on my website, and doing some designs here and there to keep me fresh. I am working on my portfolio more and more, and I have realized that now I am able to be more picky about what is in my portfolio now. That is a nice feeling saying that I am able to pick the best stuff because I have done enough to really get me going in the design world.

Until next time, I hope that everyone on the interweb is having a great day, and when I get my Dreamweaver textbook I will try to post a video or blog tutorial on how to get through the basics of web design.


Casey Rae

It’s Official…I’m a Grad

First, I would like to say that I am so sorry that I haven’t been blogging much lately! I was so busy with my Senior semester of school, graduation, and the job hunt. Fortunately, I have lots of news to tell y’all!

I will start with some of the past updates you deserve to know. My Typography Textbook took me forever, but it is possibly one of the better designs I have done. It took me all semester to collect the research and design the layout, but needless to say  all my hard work paid off. I received a great grade on the project and got a lot of props from my professors.

Also, after wrapping up all my projects and designs I am officially a college graduate! I received my Bachelor of Arts for Art, Graphic Design, and a minor in Art History. I also landed a job as a Graphic Designer right after graduation.

I took a week off after graduation to relax and get ready for the grown up world. Now we are current, and up to date. I have a job at Team Creative Fire in Sioux City and am a part-time graphic designer. I also am still doing my nannying and doing freelance design on the side. I am still searching for a full-time graphic design job, but until then my Boss is keeping me busy.

One of the biggest problems I had after graduation was getting myself set up for the graphic design world, but a few days ago I made my first big purchase…a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I LOVE IT! I haven’t been happier, but I can say that it was a big chunk of change — so worth it! Also, I joined the Adobe Creative Cloud and am currently downloading all the programs I need so I can start really designing. I have some very big projects coming up for work and for freelance. So – this means you will be getting several posts from me again! I am going to try to post a new blog every monday until I get into the habit, then I will probably amp up to twice a week!

As for now, I am taking all suggestions for apps to get for the MacBook or my iPad that are Design worthy! So let me know what you suggest and maybe I will even do a few app reviews! Until next time, I hope everyone has a wonderful monday!

Toodles Interweb!

Impending Graduation

The month of May kinda snuck up on me. I knew it was coming, but it came too fast. I felt as if my stress levels over the last two months has been on red alert. I know there are many people who have had to deal with my stress, emotions, and lack of sleep. To those who have, I thank you, but in all honesty….I am ready.

I am ready to graduate in 16 days. I am ready to go out into the real world and get a job, but that is the hard part – I can’t seem to find anyone who wants to hire me. Not that I am a bad designer and not worth their time… is really is that I am not finding the right fit. Part of me wants to move to a big city and have some awesome design job for a firm, but the other part of me wants to own my own design business in a medium size city helping start up business’ get their logos and such.

Anyway, this past week I have spent majority of my time working on getting the Senior Graphic Design show up. The show is for my work and a fellow student, who is also a great designer. I was really excited for the show, but then I found out that none of my family is able to make it to the show.

Also, I have a huge project to do for my senior research class, and that is the key point of stress for me right now. I just am so frustrated with everything, and I am not getting nearly enough sleep these days. I am eager for graduation to come and go so I can take some time to relax…

For now this is me leaving you with this note – not all things will be easy, but the challenges of life will make you stronger.


Hey y’all,

I know its been a while since I’ve blogged, but let me tell ya this has been one crazy week. I am finishing up the style guide to send down under and let me tell ya I can’t wait to get some snap shots up for ya to see!

I do however have a question, and I hope someone can help me figure this out.

I am working on my website in Dreamweaver, and I have an idea of how I would like to display photos on the website….Here it is.

So the basic idea is to have a gallery of thumbnails of the photos. When you roll over the image, the image expands and hovers over where it used to be. (For an example of this check out Google Image Search….that is what I want) Now here is where I am having a problem, I have found ways to do this, but when I click on the image I want it to pop up into a black box that hovers over the current screen, not open my full sized photo into another page.

So I am asking for your help. If you can refer me to a website or tell me what to do I am willing to work in javascript, code, etc. Anything, I just want this to be perfect!

Thanks for helping Inter web! I will stop back later to maybe give you guys a life update and a preview of my Design Resume….YAY


Newsletter vs. Magazine

So, for any of those out there working on layouts for class, work, etc. I have come across this little predicament….what is the difference between a Newsletter layout and a Magazine layout?

Well, I am here with answers, but mind you these are all “my reasons” why there are differences….through what I have learned.

They are going to be more text heavy, maybe a graphic or a photo in the columns  but for the majority of the layout there isn’t a lot of ability to play with the text, colours  or graphics. Very strict guidelines of how things are done formatting wise as well….which makes it a headache for me.

These are more FUN! Let me tell ya, you get to play with full page photos, multiple photos, graphics, colors, and text! Yes, some of these layouts can be text heavy, but to be honest, it is better to have fun.

So why am I comparing these two layouts? Well, I am the Graphic Design Editor of the Cliff News, and for one of my classes, Magazine Practicum, we take the stories from the website, put them in a Magazine Layout and print them to spread around campus. Here is the problem, we aren’t really in a Newsletter Layout or a Magazine Layout…We are in the ~In Between Really Didn’t Understand This~ Layout.

Thankfully I have a wonderful professor who will sit and explain to me why things are the way they are so I can understand not only why it is that way, but why what I did was wrong, or why it is right, but not for what we are looking for.

One of the greatest things I think a person can do when trying to learn from their experiences is the following:

1) There are no wrong questions, answers, ideas, or reasons
Go for it! Ask that nagging question. Question your superiors (With Respect Please!) and try to have a conversation not an argument

2)Make sure you understand the changes necessary so you don’t mess up!
I’m serious, when I get a final copy done, I get the initials of everyone who looks at it, as they copy edit, make/suggest changes, etc. That covers my butt for when I have to report to the higher up. Right now, in school its not that important, but that habit will be something I carry with me into my career field.

3)When in doubt, listen to music, close your eyes and clear your mind.
Sometimes it is easier to look at things in a different perspective when you take a moment to clear your mind.

Sooooo for inspiration today I will leave you with this song….

I hope everyone on theeeee Inter web has a wonderful day!



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