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Starting a small business…

Starting a small business…always sounds like a great idea – until you start to realize how much work it is going to take and how long it will take for the business to be booming. I am not sure why I started doing this, but I realized that my passion was to help small businesses and individuals capture their dreams and memories.

So what have I realized so far? It will be a few years before I can rely solely on the profit. So until then, I have to find another job. I also have to start setting aside about 30 percent of all profits for taxes. That was definitely something I didn’t expect. I also had to start keeping all receipts for any purchase for the business. Facebook, Twitter, and a website were all things I was expecting. Needless to say, I think everyone needs to definitely do their research before even following through with this idea, but in all honesty, I am pretty lucky to have family who all have some sort of important business knowledge. I have turned to many family members for advice on what to do, and have even hit up my professors from college for advice.

For now, I am going to go back to working on some designs to relax, but just for you…here is a design I just worked on for some music stuff….





Also, here is another design of a very beautiful quote….





Toodles world! Hope you all have a great one!


The Ugly Truth…

The ugly truth of being a college graduate, and what that really means.

Before I tell you this truth, I am going to give you a little refresher on my college history. I spent almost every single night of my college career working on homework and designs for class. I went above and beyond the assignments to guarantee I had a great portfolio and understood everything.

While in college everyone tells you that once you graduate you will find a perfect job immediately, and that everything you do is worth it. Well here is the truth. Most of the places I have applied do not accept my internships as experience. When they do it doesn’t give me enough experience to meet their requirements. So what do I do? I am qualified in every aspect to be a junior level graphic designer, except my experience doesn’t add up to their total desired amount.

So what did I do? I still applied for the job, and in my cover letters I clearly stated that I am aware that I do not have the experience they desire technically, but I have that amount of experience in all the extra curricular activities, projects, and internships I have been a part of. So hopefully they accept my application and I get a job soon, but let’s be honest here. I graduated in May, and I haven’t had a job for 4 months.

It is really frustrating to find a job, but this is the decision I have made. I am going to run my own business, and until it gets to a point where I can run it and count on it to make money I will find another job to make ends meet, build experience, and make connections. Once I get my business off the ground I will then be doing what I want to do, and I will be making the money I want to make. I like the idea of being my own boss and one day having others work for me. I will cater my employment to the college students who don’t have the “experience” for other companies, and help them build their portfolio so they can move on to “bigger and better things.” I know that owning a small business isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and nor will it make me rich or famous, but I love the idea of helping other small businesses and school get what they want to help them achieve their goals.

Anyway – that is my bit of information for those who are going to college for anything. Don’t think you are going to walk out and find a job right away, and if you do you better thank whatever you believe in because you are one lucky SOB.

Toodles intereweb – I will chat at you later.

P.S. I am getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday so I may do some blogs just to give the world something to chuckle at. When I get put on pain meds I become very philosophical, and sometimes my brilliant ideas really do sound good later!

The Move

As many of you saw, I moved from Iowa to Tennessee a month ago, and I have been so busy getting settled that I wasn’t able to really post a blog!

So here are the updates!

  • Last week I became an official Tennessee resident with a new drivers license and registration for my truck!
  • I started my own small business! Casey Rae Design & Photography, but don’t judge my website too much!
    • The website is currently in a transitional phase from my previous portfolio website to a small business!
  • I started up the Facebook page to my business, and I have been hunting for a job until the business gets off the ground.
  • I am taking some time to get to know the area I am living in, and it is beautiful!
    • I will post photos of the area as soon as I can, but lately I have been booked with a lot of wedding stuff!

I hope everyone is doing well in the interweb world! I am going to try and get a blog out at least twice a week until I get into a steady habit! (I know I say that all the time, but this time I am serious because this blog is going to be connected to my small business!)

Until next time I wish you all a warm summer week!

Casey Rae

New Adventures!


It sure has been a while since my last post, and I know that I am being rather inconsistent with my blog. However, I think it is time to give you guys an update on what is going on in my world of Graphic Design….

I recently made a move from Iowa to Tennessee to try and get a career in Graphic Design, Photography, Marketing, or Social Media. Really, as of right now I am working on redesigning my website and resume and providing a real url that isn’t hosted by Briar Cliff from when I was a student. For now, my old website is still up, but I will be having it taken down as soon as I get my new one up and going.

I have the logo for my website and the buttons for the menu bar done, but after trying to get my website going in Dreamweaver, I realized that I had forgotten the basics of starting a website. So for now, I am waiting for my father to mail me my Dreamweaver textbook and then I will get the website going. I remember everything about the design process, but the little tasks before you can build your website have escaped me.

I decided that I was going to go with a vintage lace theme for my website and resume meaning I will be using a lot of decorative dividers and fonts for the website while using a san serif font for the body text. I am very excited to get this new phase of my life going. The colors I have selected are going to be teal, pink, and purple. Teal being the color that is most used while pink and purple are accent colors. As for the body text it will be black or white depending on the background color I decide to use.

As for the adventures of my move, I am pretty much settled in and getting some job applications filled out, but I don’t want to send out too many of my old resumes until I get the new design down and my personal brand set up. I am very excited to see where this southern lifestyle will take me, but for now I am spending time with family, working on my website, and doing some designs here and there to keep me fresh. I am working on my portfolio more and more, and I have realized that now I am able to be more picky about what is in my portfolio now. That is a nice feeling saying that I am able to pick the best stuff because I have done enough to really get me going in the design world.

Until next time, I hope that everyone on the interweb is having a great day, and when I get my Dreamweaver textbook I will try to post a video or blog tutorial on how to get through the basics of web design.


Casey Rae

Cause for Celebration!

I can’t even begin to explain all the excitment in my life right now!

  1. I officially broke 500 views today on my blog (yes, I know that isn’t a lot to some people, but to me it is a huge feat!)
  2. I finally finished my style guide that I am sending Black Milk in Australia (although, I still have to go through and edit the text and make a final proof before printing next week.!
  3. I have roughly two weeks left before my Thanksgiving Break…this means I will be going home SOON!
  4. I started another round of antibiotics this week, but I should be done with them in a week, annnnnnd this may be the last one I have to be on!
  5. After Thanksgiving there are two more weeks of classes, then it is finals week!
  6. After finals week I have Christmas Vacation (we are going to Tennessee to see family)
  7. Then When vacation is over I head back to school to work on the Briar Cliff Review for a couple weeks until the next semester starts!
  8. Then, I am in my final semester of college (aka I’m freaking out kinda a lot because I graduate in May and time is flying)

Well, for now I will leave y’all to your business messing around on the inter web! I will post some images of the Style Guide soon so keep an eye out for it!

Peace ~ Love ~Hope

Newsletter vs. Magazine

So, for any of those out there working on layouts for class, work, etc. I have come across this little predicament….what is the difference between a Newsletter layout and a Magazine layout?

Well, I am here with answers, but mind you these are all “my reasons” why there are differences….through what I have learned.

They are going to be more text heavy, maybe a graphic or a photo in the columns  but for the majority of the layout there isn’t a lot of ability to play with the text, colours  or graphics. Very strict guidelines of how things are done formatting wise as well….which makes it a headache for me.

These are more FUN! Let me tell ya, you get to play with full page photos, multiple photos, graphics, colors, and text! Yes, some of these layouts can be text heavy, but to be honest, it is better to have fun.

So why am I comparing these two layouts? Well, I am the Graphic Design Editor of the Cliff News, and for one of my classes, Magazine Practicum, we take the stories from the website, put them in a Magazine Layout and print them to spread around campus. Here is the problem, we aren’t really in a Newsletter Layout or a Magazine Layout…We are in the ~In Between Really Didn’t Understand This~ Layout.

Thankfully I have a wonderful professor who will sit and explain to me why things are the way they are so I can understand not only why it is that way, but why what I did was wrong, or why it is right, but not for what we are looking for.

One of the greatest things I think a person can do when trying to learn from their experiences is the following:

1) There are no wrong questions, answers, ideas, or reasons
Go for it! Ask that nagging question. Question your superiors (With Respect Please!) and try to have a conversation not an argument

2)Make sure you understand the changes necessary so you don’t mess up!
I’m serious, when I get a final copy done, I get the initials of everyone who looks at it, as they copy edit, make/suggest changes, etc. That covers my butt for when I have to report to the higher up. Right now, in school its not that important, but that habit will be something I carry with me into my career field.

3)When in doubt, listen to music, close your eyes and clear your mind.
Sometimes it is easier to look at things in a different perspective when you take a moment to clear your mind.

Sooooo for inspiration today I will leave you with this song….

I hope everyone on theeeee Inter web has a wonderful day!



Stefan Sagmeister

Good morning Inter web!

I am having an alright day today, and they may be due to the fact that I got 14 hours of sleep last night! Ugh gotta tell you how I hate to say it, but I’m glad I got this surgery, and am on so many meds to recover lol because I have an excuse to sleep all the time! So I am going to take full advantage of it!

Anyway, Stefan Sagmeister…who is that you might ask? Well, for my Graphic Design Production class I have to do a magazine layout showing a designer, using information we have found about the designer. So I decided to go for someone who is crazy awesome, and maybe a little wild and out there.

So I picked Stefan Sagmeister! Of course if you don’t know who he is…well that is what you are reading this blog for right? So I am going to show you some of his work, and give you a few links that I found interesting so you can do some of your own hunting about him. I feel this is like a scavanger hunt to be honest, because some people are not going to like him because of some of his work, but other will LOVE him like I do.

I think my passion for him has grown since the project began, and I think a lot of it has to do with how passionate I am about typography.

I think I am having a love affair with typography….just saying (I know it’s weird, but lets be honest…it could be worse!)

Sooooooo now for the images! I know you guys were waiting patiently for it!

I absolutely love the colours, and the idea of this project. I love the repetition of the circles throughout and I love the gestalt idea behind it!

This one I found really interesting because, well he put the font on his skin….I can’t be sure if it is drawn in or if it was really scratched into his skin. If I find out while I finish up the project, I will let you know

This one is kinda interesting. I never really thought of something like this for an ad for HIV Testing…but I like it. It is new, and different….

Well, I think I will leave you all with this website….his website…..Stefan Sagmeister

Have a wonderful day inter web!

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