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Internships! Internships!

Internships! I swear that is the only word that seems to be redundant in my life! So, this past summer I experienced my first internship, and boy was that rough! I did it at Hillcrest Forge, Inc. and it was with my Father! Needless to say, I think he was a little harder on me than anyone else would have been, but looking back I realize it was for the best because he knew I could do better.

If you follow the link you will be led to the Hillcrest Forge website that I created, and let me tell ya…I wish I would have taken the Web Design class before that internship, but I did it, I think it looks pretty darn good, and I did it all by myself. The key point I am trying to make here is that I taught myself how to design a website, and now am at the point of just learning different programs, and fine tuning ideas.

Back to the experience of the whole summer, I got the opportunity to learn how to create a page for the business on Facebook. I also was able to create the website, photograph my father and his boss at work, go with them to the powder coating shop and photograph that process. Basically, I did everything I could to get this business into the technological world, and I loved it!

Now, there are a few possibilities for internships next semester, but to be honest I will be excited for all of them equally. I know there is one that my professor is trying to work out for me, but I really don’t know the details. However, I have taken this chance to take life into my own hands and create a back up plan.

So my back up internship is going to be with the Print Shop on campus and the Graphic Designer for Institutional Advancement. So basically, I will be working part of the time with Bobbi, in the print shop, learning how to run the press, and work on the machines. Basically, this is what I am pretty excited for, but then to add on top of it I get to work with Ali in the Graphic Design aspects.

SOOOOOOO I get to do everything from meeting the client, designing the work, and printing it! I am very excited about this! I think both these women are very good at what they do, and I will be learning a lot from them. I will admit, I already do everything from designing to printing, because I do work with Bobbi a lot when it comes to the Cliff News.

Anywho, I think I am going to head out and maybe explore the music world a bit while I am at work waiting to head to class….gotta love working in the mailroom!

Hey there is an idea not only do I meet clients, design concepts, print them, but I know how to go about using the machines to do mass postage! Look at me go learning all this fun stuff!

Toodles Inter web, have a wonderful day!


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