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So, today I was thinking about the conversation I had with my father the other day, and how enjoyable it was. My father is not really the biggest on technology, not because he doesn’t have the ability to learn, but he doesn’t have the desire to learn it. I will be honest….this man hates technology unless it is dire to his life in some way.

He does not own a cell phone….he thinks they are a waste of money. He owns a computer, but it is slower than none other! I have done all I know to do to try to speed it up, but we are talking about a dinosaur of a tower! Anyway, he was “informing” me of how wonderful Internet Explorer is. I, on the other hand, disagree firmly and am a huge supporter of Google Chrome or Safari….anyway, the point of this whole post is to see if you guys will be so kind as to take a poll showing what you prefer to use when you are getting on the fine inter web!

I also had to do this poll because I was making sure I could do this properly! Lol YAY for learning new things on WordPress!

Til later, when I can think of other random, yet extremely fun and exciting thing!

Toodles Inter web!


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