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Today, well this week, has been crazy busy for me, but I have some ever so exciting news! I am in an advertising class this semester, and one of the projects we were assigned was to find a company that we could design a style guide for. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about let me break it down for you!

Style guides: These are manuals for the designers of a company. So lets say that I started working for a company, lets go with Olive Garden (because I LOVE their food.) Well anyway, say I am a designer for Olive Garden, and I want to do a new ad for the company, but wait! The ads all seem to have the same feel and colors. Well, that is because Olive Garden, when they first started, had someone make a rule book for the company saying what colors, fonts, and layouts the current and future designers could use to keep the feel and identity of the company the same throughout the changing times.

So now that you know, a style guide is a rule book for designers, I can tell you more about my exciting news!

I had to research a bunch of companies before I decided on the company I wanted to do! Well, here is where things get exciting (dramatic pause for excitement)

I decided upon a company that originates in Australia, Black Milk Clothing. So after falling in love with their clothes, shoes, and all around personality I showed my professor who pointed out that I seem to really have a thing for these kind of styles. I am deeming this company’s style “Indie Rocker” I know that I have no reason to call it that, but it really helps me get the design concepts in my head.

Well out of pure excitement I realized that this company brought something out in me that I hadn’t experienced in years. A passion for something that just made my head explode with ideas of not only art and design, but fashion as well!

So what do I do? Well, I find the best way to contact the company! So I emailed the company in hopes of a response! Here is the email!


I am currently a Senior at Briar Cliff University, in Sioux City, Iowa, United States. I am studying Graphic Design, and as an assignment for a class I needed to find a company to make a style guid for their marketing and ads. So after scouring the websites trying to find a I company I knew and loved…I found yours!

I did not know a thing about your company. After much required research my professor gave me the go ahead to use your company as my project. I am telling you this because as I am coming up with ideas of how to make your business explode even more than it obviously already has I can’t help but be thankful for your website. You have put an inspiration in me I thought I had lost through some hardships. Now I am back to the computer working like crazy to design the best guide for your company’s advertising.

Of course, this is for educational purposes only and won’t be published, but when I am finished with it, I would like to send you a printed bound copy as a thank you for helping me in the biggest way you will ever know! If I could wear the clothes you make I would (you don’t make a size for me yet 😉 but I will get to wear your clothes some day soon!) So, after much blabbering, the point of this email is to tell you thank you, and to request a way to send you a personal copy of my finished project? Of course, that is if you want it!

Thank You,
Casey French”

As you can see I am very excited for this project, but to my surprise not even hours later I get a response back!

“Hi Casey

Thanks so much for your email 🙂

Yeah most definitely send through your final project and I will send it off to my marketing team 🙂

All the best

Jovy-Ann x”

YAYA! Let me freak out some more! ;ahfdahgfoiaenuifhnae;ifnauidhgakl;dfiaehf;kernigsuigna;uhjfbajdhsgaefnaif

Anyway, after I do this amazing style guide I will be sending it to Australia for review of the marketing team! I can’t even begin to explain how happy and hopeful I am!


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